• Ophthalmic Laboratory

    Automate and Streamline

    LenSync offers independent optical labs the ability to automate and streamline the processing of jobs from independent opticians with a highly profitable lens.
  • Ophthalmic Laboratory

    Improved Processing

    Now you can quickly and cost effectively deliver custom-crafted rimless lenses optimized for a patients needs with validated orders that go directly to your edger.

Cost Effect


LenSync allows custom-designed lens orders to be sent straight from the independent optician to your edger equipment. The system guarantees jobs are done efficiently the first time by eliminating the risk of human error from hand-entered orders.

LenSync delivers the highest net profit margins of any brand via a retail pricing model that leverages the efficiencies of an integrated supply chain platform.

Stremlined Processing

LenSync allows you to handle a job just once, and handle it perfectly. Because the frame chassis and lens details are known, you can start surfacing the job with the correct thickness while not having to touch the frame until final mounting, so there is less handling time. LenSync saves the hassle of call-backs to opticians for missing or incomplete information.


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