• Consultative Sales Approach


    LenSync offers independent opticians the ability to confidently offer the most profitable, differentiated product in the industry - a product not readily available on the Internet or at large eyewear chains or big box retailers.
  • Phoropter

    Upgrade Your Skills

    Now you can quickly and cost effectively deliver custom-crafted rimless lenses optimized for your patients prescription, face shape/size, PD, frame preference and functional requirements, without the need for expensive in-office equipment or dependence on outdated industry systems.

Upgrade Skills


LenSync is a complete end-to-end lens delivery platform that allows you to own the entire eyewear creation project with your patient at your side. The easy-to-use platform gives you the tools you need to improve your work and eliminate guess work.

Simplify Processing

LenSync guides you through an intuitive process to pick the best lens design and material for the job. You will actually enjoy custom building 3 piece eyewear to best fit your patients needs. Now, you can offer drills without investing tens of thousands of dollars worth of capital expense on in-office drilling technology.


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