Complete Lab Management System

The Only System Designed for Finishing Labs as well.

Complete Lab Management System (LMS)

The LMS is the “heart & brain” of the lab and controls what is available on the ROE for your customer to see and use everyday. Built on the latest Microsoft database gives you the ability to control the entire system with unlimited customization available.  LenSync ensures the LMS is set-up to receive orders that are ready to process thru the modules without decisions to be made at any station.

The Lab Management System is made up of 8 main components:






Machine Host




Items that relate to all 8 modules:

  • All reports have unlimited customization in Pviot and once created, it is saved for use again.
  • Data can be imported and exported in Excel for ease of working with larger files
  • 12 languages in 30 Countries
  • Integration will all major Free-form brands (LDS)
  • OMA and VCA compatible
Remote order entry


Ordering-customer service uses this module to access all job data, client information, lens availability and anything else they might need to find for an order.

  • Job entry for Rx and bulk orders
  • Validation
  • Blank selection
  • Price calculation
  • Inventory Control
  • Job tracking in lab
  • Frame tracing and ability to modify
  • Drill holes can be added or moved


View Ordering Screenshot.


Contacts-Employees, sales people, customers, suppliers, shipping companies and all company data are entered; you can define any Parent/Child relationship or drop-ships in this module.

  • API interface with suppliers for electronic orders
  • Employee permissions and roles
  • Track customer and sales representatives reward programs
  • Customer Relationship Management for following up
  • Shipper can be designated by weight or pieces
  • Tax scenarios
  • Payment Terms and Credit Limits



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lens software accounting


Accounting-Billing options for invoices and statements per customer

  • Export to Quickbooks for external accounting
  • Collect payments from customers electronically via credit card or ECH
  • Statistics are customizable
  • Wholesale portal and reporting
  • Sales-rep account portal and commissions

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Pricing- The master price list can be utilized as default but specific items can be utilized on a custom price list for that customer.  Customer only can order what is on their price list and all prices export to excel for changes than can be re-imported back into LenSync.

  • Package pricing for Frames
  • Lens or coating promotions
  • Line Item changes per account
  • Simple to add new lens designs or products

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Eyewear software price list
host lens server

Machine Host

Machine Host- This allows all necessary equipment to communicate via RS-232 or LAN

  • All OMA data can be accessed to see what machine is receiving or sending
  • Test function is used to see the data communication between any machine with actual job information to troubleshoot
  • Automatic Job tracking and routing
  • Machine usage statistics
  • Interface with all major LDS modules

View Host Screenshot.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management- Frames, clip on’s, trace data and lens styles available.  All major freeform lens brands are offered in addition to LenSync lenses. System can pick stock or surfaced lens then order it electronically.

  • Verify and scan out with SKU’s
  • Usage statistics
  • Stock take
  • Tint availability is electronically controlled
  • Chemistrie magnetic clips with one-click
  • Coating availability per lens material and/or style

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lens software stock management
frame orders


Production- This is where the lab manager gets to decide how to run the lab!  All aspects of the manufacturing process can be designated or routed by LenSync by telling the system what your level of expectation.

  • Tracking in lab via specific machines
  • Defects registered internally and for warranties for reporting
  • Machine reports for utilization
  • RX quality control via lens mapping or lens meter
  • Verifies blank is pulled correctly
  • Trace and Drill library
  • Non Glare batch reporting

Production Screenshot.


Mailroom- Efficiency in the mail-room is critical and integral to maintaining delivery times necessary to compete in today’s marketplace.  LenSync was designed to utilize as much time as possible for each shipping company to receive the work as late as permissible.

  • Electronic interface with all shipping companies
  • Shipping can be staged by pick-up times
  • Customer gets a packing list with jobs shipped that day
  • Tracking is available to the customer on the ROE
  • Customer can also print own shipping labels to lab from ROE
  • Drop-ships direct to consumer if necessary
  • Delivery notes per account
  • Warranty cards per account
  • Envelopes Stickers per account

View Mailroom Screenshot.

lensync mailroom software