Lab Management, Practice Management, Edging and Remote Order Modules

Practice Management System

Point of Sale

This system is unique because each Module was designed for the user specifically; the Doctor uses the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) on a daily basis and the opticians use the Point of Sale all day but would not normally utilize the EMR. The current offerings in the industry were built to accommodate either the Doctor, Lab or the Optician but not all; the Modular components of LenSync allow each user to have their area of use customized to their needs.

This is a platform of Modules that all work on a common database so the communication is seamless but the individuals utilize the PMS Modules that were specifically designed for the task at-hand.  Each Module was built to be used by different departments but with the efficiency and ease that one should expect without the burden of a system designed from only one perspective.

The user interface is the key to any retail experience for employees and the customers; the process must be smooth and efficient for all parties.  The ease of training new staff is directly dependent on their ability to master your software; LenSync was designed to bar-code the frame and enter the RX for the system to do the work.  The ability to train new employees and demonstrate to the consumer exactly what they will receive ensures confidence for all.

The optional Auto-LenSync Lens module allows the system to offer all appropriate lens or coating options based on frame, RX and practice suggestions.   Utilizing the Auto-LenSync Lens system to pick lens materials and coatings enhances the consumer experience by changing this from a sales situation to a consultative service; the client gets what they need based on their input so they are not sold anything but instead want to buy what is suggested by LenSync.

Remote order entry

Lens thickness calculations

  • Lens material choice based on customer input
  • Customer can see exact thickness to be received
  • Ability to demonstrate the amount of lens sticking out the back of the frame

Standard and Custom Reporting available via Pviot

  • Sales commissions
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Closeouts
  • Financial Collections and Billing
  • Export to Quickbooks
  • Import and Export data with Microsoft Excel
  • Inventory on-hand and turnover statistics
Lensync Training
lensync mailroom software

Text and Email communications

  • Ability to send messages to verify appointments
  • Glasses or contacts are ready for pick-up
  • Advise of delays
  • Sales and special event notifications
  • Send insurance forms prior to exams

Lab ordering

  • One click to send orders directly to the lab
  • RX validation to prevent missing information
  • Order tracking
  • Modify Size or axis
  • Add or move Drill-holes
  • Lensmeter integration for quality assurance
  • Custom job ticket
  • API ordering interface
Bulk Lens Orders
lens software accounting

E-Commerce Website for the Office

  • Customers can re-order glasses
  • Contact lenses can be ordered and drop-shipped
  • Ability to offer frames not available in office
  • Ability to check job status online
  • Chemistrie Clip On’s can be ordered
  • Scheduling for Eye exams


  • Multi-location appointment scheduling
  • Cancellation Waiting List
  • Automatic Follow-Up by procedure criteria
  • Confirmations by text
  • Email confirmations
  • Custom time slots by procedure and/or doctor
  • Multi-provider appointment scheduling
lens software stock management

Patient demographics

  • Family relationships for billing and insurance
  • Complete purchase history for marketing purposes
  • Birthday and Exam reminders
  • Multi-language support
  • Custom invoices

Electronic Medical Records

  • Improve accuracy with built-in ICD-10 auto-coding
  • Exam notes with just a tap or a touch—no typing.
  • Integrates with VCA diagnostic equipment
  • Send or Receive data from VCA equipment
  • Browser based to run on any computer or tablet
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