Remote Order Entry

Offer the only ROE that will get new customers!

Remote Order Entry (ROE)

 Why offer an ROE that was designed prior to digital lenses?

All other LMS ROE’s are electronic faxes that allow almost any order to be sent to the lab.

LenSync offers the best user experience and empowers the office by giving them access to any information available to the lab.  The ROE is what the Eye Care Professional (ECP) sees and uses everyday to interact with the lab; make sure you give the ECP a reason to use your lab. LenSync ROE guarantees proper orders come into the system; once a job is saved, all stations in the lab can use a bar-code to get all the information necessary.  This includes finishing on any edger without a need for special instructions.  This is the only system in the optical industry that ensures the orders can be processed and should be ordered; you have the ability to stop bad orders at the time of entry and not the next day with a call back from customer service.

The Remote Order Entry is made up of 8 main components:

RX Orders

Bulk Orders

Frame Orders

Shopping Basket

Order Status



Thickness Settings

Remote order entry

All Information at Your Fingertips in the only complete ROE in the optical industry!


RX orders- customer can access all information necessary to build any job without calling the lab


  • Lens availability by price-list
  • Actual lens thickness
  • AR and mirror coatings available
  • Electronic tints (no more plastic samples being sent to the lab)
  • Actual price for order or package
  • Edit size of lenses or rotate the axis
  • Add or move drill holes from library
  • Bevel position, polish and safety bevels can be specified or defaults used
  • Chemistrie clip on’s are offered with one click
  • Trace library can be used or a tracer can be attached
  • Copy feature for clients who have more than one order

Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders is a quick and efficient way to create orders


  • Bulk orders for stock or semi-finished blanks
  • Bar-codes for OPC ordering
  • Lenses can be ordered electronically
  • Create a purchase order
  • Verify what is received or shorted for future shipments
Bulk Lens Orders
frame orders

Frame Orders

Frame orders is used for labs who also distribute frames and want an electronic portal.


  • Bulk orders for frames
  • Bar-codes for OPC ordering
  • Bulk orders for frame parts or accessories
  • Verify what is received or shorted for future shipments
  • Chemistrie Parts and lenses with OPC codes

Shopping Basket

Shopping Basket for orders from the day can be reviewed by management if necessary or just sent directly to the lab.


  • Management can review at the end of day
  • Orders can be automatically sent after 30 minutes
  • Prices for lenses and packages are available
  • RX information can be verified
shopping basket
order status

Order Status

Order Status so customer can track work thru the lab.

(seeing what you want)


  • Customer can check current status in lab
  • Customer can send a “query” electronically to customer service about an order
  • Communication is logged for future use
  • Order can be re-ordered as well from this area to avoid mistakes
  • Tracking information and packing lists for work shipped
  • Create shipping labels to lab

Warranty Orders

Warranty orders- customer would find the original job and then pick reason for re-do.


  • System would know if it is at full-charge, no-charge or 50% depending on your specifications
  • Original ship date starts the warranty
  • All warranties are traceable and no more looking up the original invoice for a customer
  • Customer can print original invoice themselves
  • Statistics on who utilizes warranties more than lab standard
  • Customers can track re-do’s to help understand them and reduce them in the future
warrenty orders
lens system stastistics


Statistics- customer can see at a glance what they are using


  • Orders per day
  • Progressive usage
  • Transitions and polarized utilization
  • Non Glare coating usage
  • Lab bill amount outstanding ( if you want)
  • Link to allow payments via credit card or ECH

Thickness Settings

Thickness settings- customers can specify certain minimum or maximum via


  • Frame type
  • Material
  • Edge type
  • Useful for non-USA clients who are not subject to FDA drop-ball
thickness settings