Working with LenSync Solutions

The Only System Designed for the Modern Era!

LenSync Solutions for today and your future needs

We are a team of industry veterans who are committed to offering a level of service that has never existed in the optical industry; we proudly offer LenSync Solutions for today and your future needs.

The platform was created to allow as much flexibility and future-proofing as possible after experiencing frustration with the existing systems in the marketplace; you get the ability to create a system that best suits your needs and that of your customers.

The system was designed for retail accounts to be able to have all the labs information available at the time of order so there is no need for phone calls or special instructions.

LenSync offers bar-coding at every station once an order is created.

Remote order entry

The Onboarding Process

The process of bringing a new facility to LenSync  from an existing system has been done numerous times with minimal to no down-time; we convert all the existing data prior to arriving.

The on-boarding process is highly organized to ensure the move is as simple as possible with all concerns addressed prior to the install.

A high-level programmer and expert trainer come to the initial install; all necessary changes or customization can be done at the time of install.

The existing staff is empowered by being able to have their voice heard and any concerns addressed when we review the modules that relate to the work they do on a daily basis.  This gives us time to customize the system and train during our installation week; we allow 4-5 days on-site for machine set-up and working with all of the staff who utilize the 8 modules on a daily basis.  This individual training enrolls the employees in the process and ensures they are excited for the change from the existing system to LenSync.

Initial and Ongoing Training

Once we do the initial installation, your expert trainer will come back for additional training in 30-45 days. 

This is a 2 day service that allows your team to learn the advanced tools that are offered and solve any outstanding issues that may not have been addressed during the install.

We are your partners and want to offer our services on an ongoing basis; our team will schedule visits every 6 months to keep both teams as current as possible.

All future updates for LenSync are included and by visiting regularly we can ensure you always have the latest and greatest; this is what you and your customers deserve!

Lensync Training