Same Amount of Employees to Process 35% More Jobs Per Day

Barcoding at every station means the system makes all pertinent decisions so the employees can focus on customer service and production vs returning calls for missing data or re-ordering lens blanks. All the edging parameters are determined at the time the order is created!

Special instructions are a system failure and should not be necessary.

digital lens management software
Designed for the Digital Era

Designed for the digital era and built on Microsoft’s latest database structure.

Why use an LMS built prior to digital lenses as opposed to one built for the digital age?

LenSync was built with the future and customization in mind; using modern code vs those burdened with legacy software allows our labs to create the system they need to serve their customers.

Server Based or Cloud Versions

Server Based or Cloud Versions

Depending on your level of local IT support, we offer local server based systems or cloud-based systems with automatic backups. Running a modern database means computing needs are kept to a minimum and any pc will run LenSync.

lensync lms pricing
Simplified Pricing Structure

Simplified Pricing Structure

Why pay for services not needed or every time you want to add a new lens design? LenSync offers one pricing structure that includes all aspects of the system and only charges on per job basis. We want to grow with our labs and we include all updates in the future at no additional charge.

We keep you current by visiting the facility every 6 months to train new staff and ensure the system is being utilized to its potential.

LenSync offers Retail, E-commerce, Edging Module for Finish Labs, Remote Order Entry, Chemistrie Clip On’s, and Digital tints in addition to the latest Lab Management System all on the same modern Microsoft platform!

LenSync is the future of the Optical Industry.  The process starts by offering a solution for single or multi-offices with a complete Practice Management System (PMS) or electronically receiving the orders from any other PMS as well to the LenSync web browser based Shopping Basket.  The orders are verified to ensure all information is complete with the ability to enter all edging parameters in our Edging Module as well. Orders are sent electronically to surfacing labs thus ensuring accurate lens thickness and cut-out.  LenSync Lab Management System (LMS) receives all the data to decrease need for decisions at the lab; all information is already known and ready to run seamlessly thru the lab. 

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Remote Order Entry (ROE)

LenSync offers the best user experience and empowers the ECP by giving them a tool that allows all lab orders to be verified as complete.  Demonstrating all lens parameters including lens and coating availability, thickness and bevel placement along with polished edges.

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Complete Lab Management System (LMS)

The LMS is the “heart & brain” of the lab and controls what is available on the ROE. The LenSync platform gives the lab complete control by offering an “open-system” that allows customization and flexibility, when it comes to what your customer sees.  This is the future…

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Practice Management System (PMS)

One system can run the office and speak seamlessly with the LMS since they are the same database.  Scheduling, Inventory, Point of Sale, Electronic Medical Records, Accounting, E-commerce are all on the same platform as the lab.

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Edging Module

Labs of all sizes benefit when work is only entered once from ordering to edging.  All your finishing equipment on the LenSync platform; you control the edgers from the system prior to ordering the lenses.  When the lenses arrive a bar-code guarantees perfect results every time.

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